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We work closely with you to minimize your tax obligation by finding every deductible credit and deduction allowed by law.  

Tax And Payroll Services include:

      Tax preparation

      Multi-state tax preparation

      Trust return preparation

      Estate return preparation

      Prior year(s) unfiled tax return preparation

      Tax research and advice



      Year-end tax planning

      Quarterly review

      Strategies to minimize tax obligations

Payroll Relief

More profit. Less pain. Unprecedented automation and processing speedPayroll Relief performs direct deposit, tax payment, tax filing, electronic child support automatically with 100% calculation accuracy guaranteed. Batch processing is available to achieve peak efficiency. Approve payrolls and print checks in batch. At year-end, you can print, email, E-File, archive, and release to employee portals all W-2s and 1099s in batch. Minimize data entry with exception-based entry. You can even eliminate data entry and check printing in your office by using special features available in Payroll Relief.

Highly comprehensive

Payroll Relief supports calculations and compliance for Federal and all 50 states, including local jurisdictions, and can be used to process payrolls for up to 1,000 employees. Payroll Relief can handle any business with unlimited pay types and deductions, contractors and third party payments, certified payrolls, and departmental and Job costing allocation of payroll. You can also generate a comprehensive set of reports for payroll compliance and management. It also offers a secure portal for employees to view their profile and view/print their pay statements, W-2’s and 1099’s.


Streamlined Workflow

Payroll Relief’s highly intuitive interface is organized logically to follow the sequence of payroll processing. There are many options to minimize data entry, and many review processes to minimize errors. And because it’s fully web-based and mobile-friendly, you can process payrolls 24/7 from anywhere using any Internet-connected device.

Customization and Collaboration

Payroll Relief gives you the ability to customize your payroll service to best meet the needs of each client. You may offer different ways to get payroll data into the system. And you can give clients different level of access, from no access to access to virtually all functions, based on their needs and expertise.


Payroll Relief makes it easy to bring data from current payroll providers by importing files for employees and prior payroll information. In addition to seamless integration with our own Accounting Power, it integrates with QuickBooks, Creative Solutions, and Sage, and provides a generic file for integration with any other accounting program. We also support seamless integration with other third-party vendors for time & attendance, 401K, and workers’ compensation.

Management Tools

We offer highly effective management and analytical tools to run a busy payroll practice. Manage compliance painlessly using the Payroll Snapshot, which shows all pending payroll activities for all your clients, including upcoming payrolls and the status of the E-Filing of forms and the payment of taxes. For security purposes, we give you a detailed audit trail of changes made to sensitive payroll information. Last but not least, you can choose to get your payroll fees paid automatically using our Automatic Payment option.

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